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Knitting for Barbie

Cindy loves to knit, just can not get enough of it! Be it coats, pants, dresses, hats; you name it and she knits it! Her specialty is Barbie knitting and here are a couple of examples of her detailed knitting, right down to the tiny buttons. Thank you for sharing your knitting with me Cindy, and your wonderful dog stories too.

Why do I love my animals?


Starburst commercial starring a llama!

Starburst commercial posted on YouTube about sharing with a llama.

Llama cria

Calling Orrion, a llama cria. Yes, they do know their name!


We lost our llama Eustis this week. Eustis came from another llama farm a few years ago, with his buddy Ross. He arrived on the farm not particularly liking to be touched and had learned to love my llama rub down. He no longer ran out of the barn when I approached, but let me do my chores around him and learned to step aside when I asked. Always a gentleman at feeding time and always came when he was called. He was a very large llama, with a heart to match. I will miss him.

Spinning Shetland Wool

The Shetland sheep produce a variety of wool types. This is some I am spinning right now, the turquoise is from a Shetland with a single coat and the black with white is a Shetland with a double coat.

The double coated fleece has two layers, an outer layer that is a bit thicker, the white in this case and the inner layer that is a shorter, finer fiber, the black. The outer layer helps to keep the under layer clean and dry.

This yarn will be used to make some socks because the outer layer of fiber on the double coated fleece provides some extra resistance to wear.

Packaging up the soap

Wrapped egg yolk soap. My aunt and cousins are patiently waiting for some soap for their new bookstore in Tubac, Arizona, TJ's Tortuga Books & Coffee Beans.