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The fall shearing is done and for those of you that spin, there are some lovely fleeces listed on eBay and more to is a preview for you. Nice variety of Shetland colors and fleece types.

Every year I come up with new yarn and soap labels, 

 but I think I will stick with these. 

Finally found a use for my marbling.

Now found on meylah.

Labeling Fiber Products

If you sell knitted, crocheted or woven garments you may be interesting in reading this article from Spin-Off magazine regarding the Wool Products Labeling Act of 2008. Page 50 of Spin-Off

Pesticides Destroying Bees' Ability to Find Pollen

Intersting article from Earth Environmental Services, reporting on how common pesticides may damage the ability of bees to recognize the smell of flowers leading them to the nectar. Pesticides Destroying Bees' Ability to Find Pollen

Sorting a Shetland Fleece

It is that time of year when new fleeces abound. You may find this link Page 44 of Spin-Off  to an article in Spin-Off magazine helpful.